Procurement Services


Experts in the field of Procurement we source the materials and services you need to keep your business going while you concentrate on yours. With in-house Supply Chain administration costing upwards of £150 per order we recognise that out-sourcing this essential business function can provide huge benefits and cost savings to our customers.

The reduction in our clients overhead costs, our dedication to service, quality and support whilst passing on savings made through our sourcing strategies make the decision to utilise our service one of the best business decisions you will ever make.

Our highly skilled and dedicated team, together with our extensive on-site inventory enables us to offer an efficient, single source supply & rapid response service ensuring on time deliveries - a vital factor in a "time critical" industry.

Global Sourcing

With worldwide sourcing experience in our armoury and a in-depth knowledge of many industries including Oil & Gas and Renewable Energy no product is out-with our reach and American manufactured products are a speciality. From extensive catalogues such as Mcmaster Carr & Grainger to single or sole source manufacturers we have the world covered. Why not request a quote to see how we perform?

Quality Assurance

Our on-site Quality Assurance and attention to detail ensures what you asked for is what you get.

Packing & Export Crating

Sourcing the products you need is just the start of the supply chain process. With an open box Quality Assurance process along with our packing and export crating service we ensure your requested materials arrive as described and safe at your requested receipt point. By ensuring we use only internationally approved shipping materials such as heat treated recycled wood we also do our bit for the environment as well as complying with air, sea and road regulations. It all helps keep the delivery time to a minimum. Why not ask for a quote?

Freight Forwarding

We wouldn't be completing the job if we didn't offer to get your materials to you. That's why we have that covered too! Our freight partners know the value of our work and through our years of trading Internationally no destination is out of reach, From Kazakhstan to the Falkland Islands nowhere on the planet is out-with our reach. We have an extensive network of forwarding partners ready to help. By air, road or sea we can quote the package right for your time or your budget.


  • It is simple - We Source, Stock & Supply
  • Global Sourcing
  • American Product Specialists
  • Single Source Supply
  • Export Crating & Forwarding